About Gail & Mae's


Hello! We're Jamieka and Tempestt Neal, founders of Gail & Mae's, LLC. We both share a passion for crafting, cooking, and DIY'ing. As a result, we like to think of Gail & Mae's as the brainchild of spending multiple years creating unique products, from custom t-shirts to sweet and spicy BBQ rubs, for family and friends. 

We hope you find our products well-crafted, and will help us spread the word about Gail & Mae's. We spend a lot of time carefully shopping around for our products to be sure we're only offering high-quality aroma waxes and fragrances, all-natural ingredients, and appealing gifts. 

Let us know what you think; we're always open to suggestions. Thank you for being a fan of Gail & Mae's! Stay tuned - we're always trying something new to enhance your shopping experience!